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Minimum Bed/Bath
Price Range

- Invitation letter and visa

- Passport, insurance health care

- If possible: a cheap/whatever expensive phone with a Viet Namese phone number

- Tour book

- Note book and pen

- Clothes for summer and for Autumn season: you should prepare both. Dont forget bikini because you probadly want to go to Nha Trang or other beach city. Big beach towels if you dont want to rent or buy here.

- Raincoat, small umbrella, hat.

- Camera with covers

- some books you like to read in free time

- Utensils: your favourable cream, shampoo, brush, perfume. And for lady: make up stuffs

Everyone knows Nha Trang is a beautiful beach - small lovely city

And what is normally asked from my tenants and clients: what to do in Nha Trang?

I think it is probadly different from people who will be here in 1-3 days and to people who is here for 2 weeks or several months. So the ordering below, which is come first will be the thing we reccommend you to do first - after all, my opinion, everyone could have different hobbies :)

* THE FIRST THING IS FOR SURE THE NICE BEACH FOR THE FIRST DAY: in Nha Trang city center: You can enjoy the whole day in Sailing Club's beach. Or if your hotel have private beach, you might not need to go anywhere alse.

Take a couch with umbrella. Enjoy some Vietnam coconout, some beers or cocktails on the beach

For breakfast and luch: many choices with many restaurants around a small tourist area zone. You can have more information for restaurants in our article category of Restaurant in Blog&News.



You can even be here from the sunset time (around after 5.30-6pm), The view from these 2 places with make someone happy. Restaurant in Sailing Club and Rooftop Lounge restaurant on Havana rooftop are both reccommended. By the way, the high budget restaurants in Nha Trang. Around 15-25USD/person/dinner. You can also have other choices of many nice restaurant in tourist area zone, flexible choices.

  (Havana Rooftop scence view)

Sailing Club and Rooftop Skyligh in Havana is places for night party of the first night in Nha Trang :)


IF YOU LOVE CULTURE: 2-3 hours for Thap Ba Ponagar (near Tran Phu bridge, about 3-4km from the tourist center accross the beach - cost by taxi: 4USD one way): Ticket cost: less than 2.5USD/person/entrance, that is all the fee. In the mean time, I don't really remember how much is present price for ticket

Thap Ba Ponagar is a place you can feel a lot. This is not a buddhist pagoda but for another religion and belongs to Champa people culture.

Also if some loves photographing, you will high possibility having quality photos from here (Sunny time, rainy time, and sunset time, all make sense for different stories)

After Thap Ba Ponagar, if you still like a buddhist pagoda, you can visit LONG SON PAGODA on "23 thang 10 street". No more than 4USD by taxi from city center or from ThapBa ponagar to Long Son pagoda. This is the biggest buddhist pagoda of Nha Trang. Also, the view of Nha Trang city from the top of the Long Son is lovely surprising.

IF YOU LOVE DISCOVERING: DIVING, SNORKELING, FISHING and country side and city tour are choices

If you are here in rainy days, of course diving won't bring the most expectation. For sunny day, good choice!

IF YOU LIKE GAMES AND WATER PARKS: VINPEARL ISLANDS TOUR for the whole day from 9am till 8pm is the choice

Entrance ticket: less than 30USD/person and no extra paid for the services inside, except for locker service (less than 1USD), beach towels (less than 3USD) and food, drinks, snacks (prices are all menus, differents restaurants, differnet prices). There is KFC inside Vinpearl island too.

At first, the cable cab is pretty amazing and you will love it. Feeling like you are surfing on the water and sky in quite high distance to the sea. Beautiful view!

Sunbathing on the beach inside water park is nice.

Do not forget the show of nice aquarium. And water show time started about 5-6pm (you can check the schedule on the map they give). Water show is pretty nice and can be the final thing you will do before you leave the island, unless you want to spend 1 night on the resort&hotel there :)

Water park with many games, gaming house with gaming machine, 4D movies, etc

*** FOR THE SECOND NIGHT in Nha Trang: You can discover a few differnet local bar in tourist zone:

- There is one nice friendly rooftop that many Vietnamese and overseas locals here visit every week is Havan Rooftop. Located on Rooftop of Ha Van restaurant on alley of Tran Quang Khai street. The ground floor is Yen restaurant and the rooftop is a nice lovely lounge

- Other local bars many tourist like to visit after: Wave bar, Why Not Bar, Booze Cruise bar, etc. If you like Russian bar, its Dima club opposite to Rooftop Skylight of Havana Best Western hotel)

*** THE THIRD DAY and THE FOURTH DAY: WELL... what you didn't have enough time to do on the second day, you can do all the 3rd day!

**** NOTED: if you are in Nha Trang longer enough, we such as some other things to do:

- MUD BATH and SPA day: you can take a tour of many different companies

- Monkey island, four island tour and many other islands to discover

- LONG BEACH day for relaxing, surfing and Seafood, drinking,...

- An easy rider tour from some company tour to DA LAT: suggested to go from early morning. The trip from Nha Trang city to Da Lat city take 120km and 5-10 hours. Slowly and enjoy the nice road!

You can stay in Da Lat for few nights, depends on you favourite.


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